Frequently Asked Questions

Once registered with Sentinatech and having received your Account/P.O. Box number, you can buy at any online store or website of your choice, directing your purchases to our address in the United States. Once we receive your packages, we process them and provide the international shipping. Our agent in your country takes care of the customs clearance and delivery to your home or office as you have selected.
You obtain an international P.O. Box comprising a package of tools that Sentinatech has developed to ensure the handling and delivery of your goods purchased in the U.S. and shipped internationally at a very reasonable price. We offer a high quality service along with high compliance rates. Among other benefits you can count on a physical address in Miami which receives, classifies, and dispatches every day the documents and/or goods received. You will also be able to track and trace your goods from the time they reach your P.O. Box in Miami until their delivery to your address abroad. For an additional annual fee we offer additional services. among them: Mail address (USPS) to manage your correspondence in the U.S.A. and additional insurance for your goods.
For a full list of services your PO Box includes, please click here (redirect to services page).
Your P.O. Box will remain open for an indefinite period, but it could be disabled if your P.O. Box is idle for more than 1 year or if you do not make your payments for the services rendered
To authorize someone else to use your P.O. Box, simply login to your account and go to the "Account Preferences" and select "Additional User". Please note that you can authorize any person you want. The use of the P.O. Box is under your responsibility; remember that all the correspondence and/or purchases you receive in your Sentinatech P.O. Box will be debited from your credit card, even when the name of any other person whom you have authorized to use it appears on it and it will be sent to the address you have registered in Sentinatech.
The following shipments are considered restricted by the airlines (hazmat) and may require special handling to ship: Perfumes, aerosol cans, ink, dry ice, chemical products, and perishable goods. Other prohibited items include cash, jewelry, alcoholic beverages, fire arms and munitions, perishable goods, animals, medicines, and tobacco (unless they comply with the specific laws of entry of the specific country).

For these, please consult with us first before purchasing them. You can inquire here.

The following shipments are prohibited by the airlines and by no means can they be shipped: Inflammable goods, corrosives, explosives, weapons and munitions of any kind (this includes hunting weapons, arms for self-defense, tazers, mace, and paintball guns). Pornographic material is strictly prohibited. Other prohibited items include cash, jewelry, alcoholic beverages, fire arms and munitions, perishable goods, animals, medicines, and tobacco (unless they comply with the specific laws of entry of the specific country).
Your purchase require a Commercial Invoice to ship out. The commercial invoice is needed to declare your items at Customs in your country. You can send us your commercial invoice here.
Yes. You can track the movement of your packages online in your account. We also have an email notification system that will notify your package's
Simply fill out the form on the registration page. Remember, to do this you must have a valid credit card in dollars available and an e-mail address.
The purchases you make online you pay for yourself. The cost of transportation of your packages from our warehouse to your door (your freight) and any additional charges related to your shipment, you pay for at Sentinatech. It is debited from the credit card you have registered online in your account. You can also pay through PayPal. For more information, click here.
In case you credit card is declined by Sentinatech, you will be notified by e-mail so that you can register another credit card or pay through PayPal. Our systems allow you to have your account set up with up to ten different credit cards and to select which one you want as your primary credit card.
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
To pay through PayPal, simply send your payment to [email protected]. Make sure to include your AWB number and PO Box number as a reference so we can identify your payment.
The purchases you buy online are your responsibility and you pay for them. Sentinatech only charges the freight from Miami to your destination country and any additional charges related to shipping and handling here.
We have partner agencies in every country that are in charge of providing customs clearance and delivering your package to your home or office.
We are responsible for your goods from the time they arrive at your P.O. Box up to when we make the final delivery. All the goods are automatically covered by insurance for up to U.S. $100.00
Yes. Additional insurance is available for purchase. Please inquire here.
We do not recommend you ship perishables.
Our partner agents in your country do customs clearance for your shipments. Any import taxes or duties related to your shipment are charged separately and collected by them.
No. Duties and taxes shall be paid for separately, upon delivery of your packages, and will be collected by agent.
If your shipment gets lost before arriving to our warehouse, you have to file your claim with your carrier and contact your provider. We can assist you, contact us here so we can look into your case.
Please contact us here so we can look into your case.
Please contact us here so we can look into your case.
We do not accept any packages that arrive opened, damaged on the outside, have a smell, or have a sound coming out of them. We reject packages that arrive like this because it is the law. If the item inside is damaged, we immediately take a picture of the damaged product and notify you so you can contact your provider and file a claim.
Many times, we receive empty boxes. We notify you as well so you can file a claim against your provider or carrier.
If you need personalized help to shop online, please contact us. We can schedule a call to walk you through the process.
To shop online, simply fill out your shipping address like so:
First Name + Last Name + PO Box Number
7801 NW 37th Street
Doral, FL 33195-6503

Make sure to always include your PO Box number in your shipping address to avoid delays!